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            Project background:

            Fujian Sangang (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sangang Group"), formerly known as Fujian Sanming Iron and Steel Works, was established in 1958. In April 2000, Fujian Sangang (Group) Co., Ltd was established with the approval of Fujian Provincial People's Government. After more than 50 years of development, Sangang Group has formed an annual steel production of more than 5 million tons, a cross-industry, cross-region and cross-ownership large enterprise group, which mainly focuses on steel industry and integrates diversified industries at the same time, and is a large steel production base and chemical fertilizer production base in Fujian province. The water treatment desalination system in the southern area of the water supply workshop of the power plant is responsible for the desalination supply of the whole plant. The desalination production capacity is seriously insufficient and there is no standby device, which makes it difficult to organize production. The implementation of the project is to ensure the safe supply of desalination of the whole plant.

            Project Location:

            Sanming City, Fujian Province

            Wastewater features:

            It is difficult to treat circulating water with high suspended solids in wastewater.

            Project Achievements:

            1) Provide professional operation services for the circulating water system of Sangang;

            2) 300m3/h desalination system, multi-medium filtration +RO membrane +EDI system, to provide high quality desalination for production.

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